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COFE App and Saudi Coffee Company sign ecommerce partnership

The agreement will see Saudi-grown coffee made available to Middle Eastern consumers via COFE App’s ecommerce platform

Ali Al Ebrahim, COFE App Founder & CEO and Mohammed Zainy, Marketing Director, Saudi Coffee Company, sign the ecommerce partnership 

Kuwait-based COFE App and Saudi Coffee Company have announced a new partnership to enhance the profile of Saudi-grown coffee in the Middle East. The agreement will enable Saudi coffee producers to sell their products via COFE App’s ecommerce platform to consumers in the region.

COFE App currently operates in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Egypt, and is slated to launch in the UK in 2023. 
“We hope that this partnership will help in giving Saudi coffee the visibility and reach that it truly deserves. Through our work in Saudi, we hope to take this integral part of our culture and tradition to the world,” said COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim.
Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) launched the Saudi Coffee Company in May 2022 as part of a SAR 1.2bn ($320m) investment to develop its national coffee industry and boost domestic coffee production in the Kingdom’s Jazan, Al Baha, and Aseer regions, where there are more than 2,500 coffee plantations with a combined total of approximately 400,000 coffee trees.
In October 2022, Saudi Coffee Company announced a target to increase Saudi domestic coffee production 700% to 2,500 tons annually by 2028. The organisation is also planning launch its own branded coffee shop chain, with an initial target of 25 stores that will promote Saudi-grown coffee on the international stage.
“Coffee is a very integral part of Arabian culture and we wish for the world to witness it through our efforts. We hope that this partnership is the beginning of coffee lovers discovering the nuances of Saudi coffee and how it is ready to compete with some of the best producers in the world,” said Mohammed Zainy, Marketing Director, Saudi Coffee Company.
Saudi Arabia’s focus on building its coffee industry is a key part of an economic diversification strategy to wind down its dependence on fossil fuel income. Coffee also has deep roots in the Kingdom’s heritage, with its branded coffee shop market now by far the Middle East’s largest at more than 3,550 outlets.
Founded in Kuwait in 2018, COFE App connects consumers to more than 700 branded coffee shops across the Middle East for beverage collection and delivery. The company broadened its reach into the at-home coffee market with the acquisition of UAE-based ecommerce platform, Sippy Beans in February 2022.
COFE App’s strategic expansion into the Saudi market was highlighted in October 2022 when the Kuwait-based ecommerce platform was an official partner at Riyadh Season 2022. The partnership followed COFE app acquiring Saudi Arabian digital ordering app Kaffeen in March 2022.

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