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Episode 71: Indian coffee at origin: Meeting the rapid pace of demand

In the final part of our series on the Indian coffee market, we’re travelling to origin to explore what's happening in India’s vast and dynamic coffee farm sector.

To get to know this sector better, we speak with Ashok Kuriyan and Rohan Kuriyan, Managing Director and Manager of Corporate Affairs at Balanoor Plantations - a renowned producer of specialty coffee in Karnataka, India.

In this conversation, Ashok and Rohan discuss Indian consumers' growing interest in the origin of home grown coffees, and shed light on the social, economic and environmental challenges Indian coffee producers are currently navigating at farm-level.

Catch up on parts one and two here.

Credits music: "Head in the Clouds" by Carly Pearl in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Ashok Kuriyan and Rohan Kuriyan

Ashok Kuriyan and Rohan Kuriyan

Balanoor Plantations

Ashok Kuriyan and Rohan Kuriyan are Managing Director and Manager of Corporate Affairs at Balanoor Plantations - an 1100 acre estate in the hills of Karnataka, India. Balanoor Plantations has been a family run business since 1937, with Rohan being a fifth generation coffee producer. Ashok has worked in the coffee industry since 1975 and was the chairman of the Specialty Coffee Association of India.

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