| 35 mins

Episode 40: Elevating the daily grind

On the podcast this week we’re examining the market for high end coffee grinders and their essential role in the coffee making process.

In conversations with Dale Harris, World Barista Champion and Global New Product & Business Development at Hasbean Ozone Coffee Roasters, Lena Frick, Head Of Marketing, Hemro Group, and Lauro Fioretti, Chief Engineer, Nuova Simonelli, we discuss just how important grinders are in achieving coffee quality, how much and where operators should be investing in new equipment, and what the future is for grinding technology.

Credits music: “She” by Karla Silva for The Coffee Music Project

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Lena Frick

Lena Frick

Head of Group Marketing, HEMRO

Lena Frick is the Head of Group Marketing at Hemro – a global manufacturer producing major coffee grinding brands such as Mahlkönig, Anfim, Ditting and HeyCafé. With a background in spirits, wine and champagne, Frick joined the coffee industry and Hemro in February 2022 and is a certified SCA Barista.
Dale Harris

Dale Harris

Global New Product & Business Development, Ozone Coffee Roasters / Hasbean

Dale Harris leads the Product and Business Development at Ozone Coffee Roasters and Hasbean, a boutique chain of cafes and roasting brands in the UK and New Zealand. Harris has worked in the coffee industry for over 15 years and is a former World Barista Champion.
Lauro Fioretti

Lauro Fioretti

Chief Engineer, Simonelli Group

Lauro Fioretti is Chief Engineer at Simonelli Group – an Italian-based espresso machine and coffee equipment manufacturer, known for the Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli brands and the Mythos grind by weight professional coffee grinders. Fioretti joined Simonelli Group as a Product Manager in 1995.
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