| 40 mins

Episode 43: Successful design and build of coffee shops

On the podcast this week we're investigating the design and build-out process for cafés to understand exactly what's required each step of the way when opening a new hospitality venue.

We chat with Anna Burles, CEO and Founder of contemporary design agency Run For The Hills, who takes us through the intricate process of designing a new space. We also speak with two leading operators, Valdemar Halbye, Chief Growth Officer, Joe & The Juice, and Mark Soar, Head of Property, Redemption Roasters about the different considerations, challenges, and risks when rolling out multiple new venues.

Credits music: "Kicks" by Crawford Mack in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Valdemar Halbye

Valdemar Halbye

Chief Growth Officer, JOE & THE JUICE

Valdemar Halbye is the Chief Growth Officer at JOE & THE JUICE – a Danish café brand operating over 300 outlets in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Based in London, Halbye has been with the company for over five years and oversees the global growth agenda, including new store development and other growth avenues.
Mark Soar

Mark Soar

Head of Property, Redemption Roasters

Mark Soar is Head of Property for London-based Redemption Roasters – a multi-site operator and specialty coffee roaster. Soar has worked in property for over 20 years and across more than 20 countries. Soar’s recent focus has been on commercial real estate in London whilst simultaneously completing a castle restoration in Scotland.
Anna Burles

Anna Burles

CEO & Co-Founder, Run For The Hills

Anna Burles is CEO and co-founder of Run For The Hills, an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio based out of London. Founded by Burles and business partner Chris Trotman 10 years ago, the studio renowned as the go-to design team for premium hospitality concepts, lifestyle brands, original bars and restaurants.
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