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Bonus: Magic Realism with Isabela Raposeiras of Coffee Lab São Paulo

This week we’re bringing you a very special bonus episode with Isabela Raposeiras, former Brazilian Barista Champion and Founder of the pioneering specialty coffee and coffee education business, Coffee Lab in São Paulo.

In this fascinating conversation, Isabela shares her extraordinary journey motivated by living through a family bankruptcy, to owning one of the best coffee shops in the world. 

She also discusses the importance of loyal relationships with coffee producers, building a brand that matches your values, and why learning to manage people has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects of her career.

Credits music: "Curandeiras" by Isadora Canto

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Isabela Raposeiras

Isabela Raposeiras

Founder, Coffee Lab

Isabela Raposeiras is the founder of Coffee Lab – a pioneering coffee school and specialty coffee shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Coffee Lab is one of the most awarded roasteries in Brazil and has been named one of the Top Ten Cafes in the world. Raposeiras is also an airplane pilot, cigar aficionado, trained psychiatrist and was the first ever barista champion of Brazil.
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