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Episode 47: Spotlight on Melbourne's specialty coffee scene

To celebrate the World Barista Championship taking place at Melbourne International Coffee Expo next week, we're turning the spotlight on this highly influential coffee city to explore the past, present and future of Melbourne's specialty coffee scene.

In conversations with Ross Quail, Sales Director for Asia Pacific, Hemro International, Mark Dundon, Co-owner, Seven Seeds, and Sean Edwards, Founder, Cafe Culture magazine and the Golden Bean awards, we explore how Melbourne's coffee landscape has evolved over the last 20 years, how the city's culinary scene played an important role in the growth of cafe culture, and why Melbourne continues to inspire coffee businesses around the world today.

Credits music: "Love & Distance" by Hollie Rogers, feat. Jamie Lawson and Robben Ford in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Ross Quail

Ross Quail

South Asia Sales Director, Hemro International

A coffee professional with a career spanning 20+ years, Quail has worked as a barista, roaster, green coffee buyer, and was part owner of Sensory lab and St Ali in Melbourne, Australia. More recently, Quail worked as the Sales Director for Slayer Espresso for Asia Pacific.
Mark Dundon

Mark Dundon

Co-owner, Seven Seeds

Mark Dundon has over two decades experience in the hospitality Industry, beginning with his own coffee shop and going on to co-create some many of Melbourne’s most iconic café brands. Dundon also founded cafes in Sydney and Los Angeles and co-owns a coffee farm in Honduras.
Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards

Founder, Golden Bean

Sean Edwards has been involved in the Australian café industry for over 20 years.  Edwards has run several regional café businesses and is the founder of Café Culture Magazine, the Golden Bean roasting awards, and Café Pulse a two-year major survey of Australian café owners.
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