| 38 mins

Episode 50: The never-ending quest for quality

This week we’re chatting with Ralf Rüller, Founder, CEO and creative force behind The Barn - a curated specialty coffee business with a roastery and 10 coffee shops in Berlin, plus three international stores, spanning Mallorca, Dubai, and most recently Seoul in Korea.

In this conversation Ralf shares his entrepreneurial journey from a career in banking and a stint in acting school in London before stepping into the world of coffee and founding his own business. He also discusses his ambitions for international expansion, and how his total obsession with quality has always been at the core of his business philosophy.

Credits music: "Little Pieces" by Pablo Mir-Mir in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Ralf Rüller

Ralf Rüller

Founder and CEO, The Barn

Ralf Rüller is the Founder and CEO of The Barn – a boutique specialty coffee businesses with a roastery and 13 locations across Berlin, Mallorca, Dubai and South Korea. The Barn is a leading specialty coffee roaster in Europe, selling beans to home consumers and wholesale customers around the world.
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