| 52 mins

Episode 52: Executing a clear value proposition – A conversation with Nick Stone

In today’s episode, we’re bringing you an extended interview with Nick Stone, CEO and Founder of Bluestone Lane - an Australian inspired, boutique hospitality chain with 62 locations in major cities across the US.

In this fascinating conversation, Nick shares extraordinary insight and key business learnings gained from his multifaceted career. He also discusses the importance of developing a distinct and well-communicated value proposition and how human connection and community are central to the essence of Bluestone Lane.

Credits music: "Beat the Blue" by KIA in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Nicholas Stone

Nicholas Stone

CEO & Founder, Bluestone Lane

A native of Melbourne Australia, Nicholas Stone moved to New York City in 2010. While attending business school, the former investment banker dreamt up Bluestone Lane with the vision to bring Antipodean-influenced boutique cafe and specialty coffee experiences to his adopted city and beyond. 

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