| 32 mins

Episode 49: The energy crisis

On the podcast this week we're examining the impact of soaring energy prices and how café operators are navigating this unprecedented crisis.

We first speak with Murielle Gagnebin, Senior Associate of EU Energy Policy at Agora Energiewende, to understand how the energy crisis arose and how long policymakers expect it to last. We also speak with Henry Ayers, Co-Founder, The Gentlemen Baristas and Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, CEO, Coffee Island about the pressures operators are facing and how they are managing the steep increase in costs across their business.

Credits music: "Life Lives Inside" by Flo Perlin and Pilgrim’s Dream in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Henry Ayers

Henry Ayers

Co-Founder and Wholesale Director, The Gentlemen Baristas

Henry Ayers is the Co-Founder and Wholesale Director of The Gentlemen Baristas, a collection of ten coffee houses and roasting business in London, UK and a soon-to-open education and training facility. Ayers co-founded GB with his business partner Ed Parkes in 2014 with the mission to provide high-quality, “well mannered” coffee for everyone.
Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos

Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos

CEO, Coffee Island

Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos is the CEO of Coffee Island – a franchise coffee operator with over 450 sites across Greece, and with a growing number of franchise partners in Cyprus, UK, UAE, Canada and Switzerland. Konstantinopoulos has a background is mechanical engineering and is the president of the Greek Franchise Federation.
Murielle Gagnebin

Murielle Gagnebin

Senior Associate of EU Energy Policy, Agora Energiewende

Murielle Gagnebin is the Senior Associate of EU Energy Policy at Agora Energiewende – a think tank developing evidence-based and politically viable strategies to advance the goal of climate neutrality in Europe. Gagnebin holds a Master in Management from ESCP Business School and a Diploma in Economics and Finance from the University Paris Dauphine.
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