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Bonus: A reluctant World Barista Champion - A conversation with Gwilym Davies

Last week in our episode on coffee competitions we featured a clip from a conversation with 2009 World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies and today we bring you the interview in full.

Gwilym is the founder of London’s iconic Prufrock cafe, is a coffee judge, runs his own barista training centre and recently launched his own coffee brand - The Naughty Dog.

In this conversation, Gwilym shares a powerful story of personal growth, how becoming a reluctant winner ended up defining his coffee career, and why now is the time to hand the portafilter to the next generation of coffee professionals. 

Credits music: "Uncharted Waters" by Cloudy Galvez in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Gwilym Davies

Gwilym Davies

Founder, Naughty Dog and WBC 2009

Registered in England. Company No. 8736608
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