| 33 mins

Episode 42: The supply chain crisis in coffee

This week on the podcast, we're exploring the global supply chain crisis and how it is impacting coffee shop operators around the world.

We chat with Xavier Martinez, Global Supply Chain Officer, Costa Coffee, Jack Brewitt, CEO and founder, 92 Degrees, and Gert-Jan Eling, Operations Manager, Algrano, to find out how coffee businesses are navigating supply disruption caused by Covid-19, Brexit, the war in Ukraine, and ongoing global shipping challenges.

Credits music: "Engines Off" by Stealing Signs for The Coffee Music Project

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Xavier Martinez

Xavier Martinez

Global Supply Chain Officer, Costa Coffee

Xavier Martinez is the Global Supply Chain Officer for Costa Coffee – a coffee chain with over 4,000 outlets in 35 countries around the world. Martinez is a seasoned international supply chain leader with 20 years experience in supply chain, procurement and manufacturing in FMCG, health care and hospitality.
Jack Brewitt

Jack Brewitt

CEO & Founder, 92 Degrees

Jack Brewitt is the CEO and Founder of 92 Degrees – a chain of specialty coffee shops and roastery based in the UK. Established in 2014 in Liverpool, the brand now has a team of over 100 employees across 11 sites from Edinburgh to London. With a recent round of funding 92 Degrees is set to accelerate its  UK growth over the next two years.
Gert-Jan Eling

Gert-Jan Eling

Operations Manager, Algrano

Gert-Jan Eling is Operations Manager at Algrano - an online platform connecting coffee producers with roasters in Europe and handles green coffee shipping, logistics and insurance.
Eling’s background in operations and logistics stretches across several industries including chemical, petrochemical, and mining.
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