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Rui Miguel Nabeiro appointed new Chair of International Coffee Partners

The CEO of Delta Cafés will lead the European non-profit's focuses on empowering youth within coffee growing regions, improving farmer profitability and building climate resilience

Rui Miguel Nabeiro (left), CEO of Delta Cafés, and Kathrine Löfberg (right), Chair of Löfbergs


Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO of Portuguese coffee roaster and distributor Delta Cafés, has been appointed as the new chair of the European non-profit International Coffee Partners (ICP). 

Formed in 2001, the ICP is an eight-strong coalition of Europe’s largest family-owned coffee companies and seeks to address the challenges facing smallholder coffee farming communities and help them become more sustainable and competitive. 

The coalition partners include Portugal’s Delta Cafès, Sweden’s Löfbergs, Croatia’s Franck, Norway’s Joh. Johannson, Italy’s Lavazza, Finland’s Paulig and Germany’s Neumann Gruppe and Tchibo.   

Under Nabeiro’s leadership the ICP said it will further develop its activities with a specific focus on youth and climate change, which Nabeiro cited as ‘megatrends in sustainability’. 

The non-profit organisation added that it will empower youth within their rural communities, improving prospects for them within the coffee industry and the wider agricultural sector. 

“I am happy to support the progress of our joint work. Youth and climate change are very relevant megatrends in sustainability. We aim to enable youth to explore agriculture and coffee as pillars of their livelihood,” said Nabeiro. 

Nabeiro succeeds Kathrine Löfberg, Chair of Swedish coffee group Löfbergs, who had chaired the ICP since 2016. 

The ICP also plans to further strengthen its initiative for coffee&climate (c&c). Founded by the ICP in 2010 and currently chaired by Löfberg, c&c is working to create a ‘climate-smart future’ for farmers and the wider coffee industry. 

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