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Tchibo begins serving Oatly across its European coffee shops

The German coffee chain and retailer says consumers can now order Oatly Barista Edition in its cafés in response to increasing customer demand for plant-based milk

53% of Tchibo customers expressed a willingness to use plant-based milk variants | Photo credit: Tchibo


Tchibo is making Oatly Barista Edition available in its cafés across Europe, with a surcharge of €0.50 ($0.50). 

Tchibo operates approximately 900 cafés across Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey. The company said that in-house research identified oatmilk as the most popular dairy alternative among its customers, with 8% of the 5,000 consumers surveyed ordering it as an accompaniment to their hot drink. 

However, 53% of Tchibo customers expressed a willingness to use plant-based milk variants if they were more readily available.  

Oatly has been available in the German market since 2018. In January 2022, Germany’s national rail company Deutsche Bahn began serving Oatly Barista Edition with coffee beverages on-board its trains for the first time. 

In May 2022, Swedish coffee chain Espresso House, which operates 35 stores in Germany, extended an existing partnership with Oatly to serve Oatly Barista Edition across its coffee shops in the Nordics and Germany. 

World Coffee Portal research found that oatmilk has risen in popularity in Germany over the last 12 months. Project Café Germany 2022 reported 13% of German consumers typically pairing oatmilk with their beverage, making it more popular than almond milk (10.9%).   

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