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Espresso House to serve Oatly across all 488 stores

Swedish oatmilk maker Oatly has announced that it has renewed and expanded its collaboration with Espresso House, which is aspiring for 50% of its menu to be plant-based

Oatly will now be served at all 488 Espresso House cafés across the Nordics and Germany | Photo credit: Espresso House

Espresso House has extended an existing partnership with Oatly to serve Oatly Barista Edition across its coffee shops in the Nordics and Germany.

Espresso House, part of JAB Holding Company, was founded in Lund in 1996 and operates 488 coffee shops across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany, with the company promoting that it serves approximately 130,000 guests per day.

Announcing the renewal the supply partnership, Oatly highlighted that a shift towards plant-based diets is an important part of mitigating climate change. 

“Making plant-based alternatives such as oat drink part of more peoples’ everyday lives is exactly the kind of step we need to take to shift to more sustainable food norms. Espresso House reach more consumers than any other café chain in the Nordics and we are proud to collaborate with them,” said Jonas Persson Follin, Nordic Business Manager, Oatly. 

“Our collaboration with Oatly is an important step in line with our sustainability efforts, and we are convinced that our customers will enjoy Oatly’s products. Espresso House’s goal is that 50% of our menu should be available as plant-based, which we are close to achieving. Together with Oatly we are driving an important change for sustainability,” said Pontus Wretman, Chief Commercial Officer, Espresso House Group.

The Oatly and Espresso House partnership highlights the growing adoption of plant based dairy alternatives, particularly oat, in global coffee shop industry. 

In December 2021, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons announced it would begin serving Chobani oat drinks across 4,000 stores in its native market. In the US, boutique café group Blue Bottle Coffee has successfully trialled serving oatmilk as the default beverage pairing at selected stores in California. 

In the UK, World Coffee Portal data shows oat is now consumers’ preferred plant-based dairy alternative in coffee shops. 

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