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Blue Bottle to serve oat milk as default across Southern California stores

The boutique coffee chain extends a trial to around one quarter of its US locations as part of efforts to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions from dairy

Blue Bottle says 75% of milk-based beverage orders are continuing to call for plant-based milks following an earlier trial | Photo credit: Braden Collum

Blue Bottle Coffee will serve oat as the default milk beverage pairing across 22 Southern California stores, extending an earlier three-month trial at three stores in the region.
The initiative forms part of the coffee chain’s ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality across its global business by 2024.
Highlighting that dairy is estimated to be the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions from its café operations, Blue Bottle said it wanted to ‘reframe’ what it means for a ‘choice to be alternative’.
Following the trial at its Brentwood, Fairfax, and Jackson Square locations, Blue Bottle said it was ordering eight percent less cow’s milk, with 75% of milk-based beverage orders continuing to call for plant-based milks.
After an ‘overwhelmingly positive guest response’ to the initial pilot, Blue Bottle said most of its Southern Californian customers preferred oat milk to dairy and other alternatives.
California-based Blue Bottle Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, café chain, and coffee retailer, operating around 100 coffee shops across the US, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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