Tim Hortons to serve Chobani oat drinks across 4,000 Canadian stores

The roll-out of Chobani oat drinks across Tim Hortons’ flagship market underlines the growing importance of dairy alternatives in coffee shops and the popularity of pairing oat beverages with coffee

Photo credit: Tim Hortons 

Tim Hortons has announced it will serve Chobani oat drinks across 4,000 stores in its flagship Canadian market.
"We're happy to be serving Chobani oat beverage and giving our guests another option so they can personalise their coffee and other beverage orders just how they like it," says Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons.
“Our oat beverage is a perfect pairing with coffee and tea. Tim Hortons is a great partner and we’re proud to be their oat beverage of choice in restaurants all across Canada,” said Peter McGuinness, Chobani President and Chief Operating Officer.
Oat-based dairy alternatives have gained significant popularity in coffee shops worldwide, with a thick texture and neutral taste that closely resembles milk in coffee beverages.
Oat’s rapid ascendence has also been bolstered by the success of brands such as Sweden-based, Oatly, and Belgium-based Alpro, both of which have launched barista-formulated versions of their oat drinks.
Founded in 2005, USA-based Chobani produces yogurt, oat drinks, dairy and plant-based creamers, ready-to-drink coffee and plant-based probiotic drinks.

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