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Project Café 2021: World Coffee Portal announces new global coffee shop research

In an extraordinarily challenging year for coffee businesses worldwide, resilience, adaptation, and innovation based on the latest market intelligence has never been more important. World Coffee Portal’s Project Café series can help your business optimise where, when and how to allocate vital resources in order to facilitate long-term sustainable growth

A Starbucks barista preparing a beverage while wearing a face mask. Mandatory face mask wearing in-store has become a contentious issue in the US | Photo: Starbucks 

*NEW* Project Café Canada 2021 – 21 September 2020

Project Café Canada 2021 is World Coffee Portal’s in-depth analysis of Canada’s diverse and fast developing coffee shop market. It features extensive coronavirus impact analysis, consumer research, industry insight, pricing data and coffee shop brand dispersal across the country’s 10 provinces and three territories.
Drawing from 2,000 surveys of Canadian coffee drinkers, the report also provides up-to-date insight on visitation patterns, consumption and purchasing preferences across gender, age groups and income. This analysis is complemented by 100 consultations and interviews with senior industry leaders to pinpoint the latest coffee trends, opportunities, challenges and market dynamics. 

Canada at a glance:
Frequently overshadowed by its southern US neighbour, Canada’s coffee shops are now attracting international acclaim after having cultivated an engaged and increasingly knowledgeable domestic audience.
Veteran brand and market leader Tim Hortons continues to command significant brand loyalty in Canada, but a burgeoning specialty and boutique coffee shop segment means competition is heating up in cities across the vast North American nation. Nevertheless, Canada’s coffee community remains tight-knit, with collaboration on ideas and resources commonplace.


*NEW* Project Café East Asia 2021 – 19 October 2020

Project Café East Asia 2021 provides the most detailed analysis of East Asia’s diverse and opportune branded coffee shop market to date. Providing market sizing across 17 countries across the region, the report also features consumer data analysis, including product preferences, spend analysis and dwell time, for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

China at a glance
Project Café East Asia 2021 features an extended focus on China’s vast and distinctly regional coffee shop market, including surveys with 4,000 consumers and consultations with 200 industry leaders. While China’s traditional tea culture remains firmly embedded, coffee has become big business in the east Asian nation, with a growing young, affluent demographic fuelling demand for aspirational brands and premium beverages. This dynamic has catalysed strong adoption of e-commerce, such as app-based ordering and delivery in China’s coffee shops.
With China’s recovery from coronavirus more advanced than most nations worldwide, all eyes are on the nation’s coffee shop segment to see what shape the new normal for hospitality businesses could take.


Project Café USA 2021 – 16 November 2020 

World Coffee Portal’s Project Café USA 2021 report captures the latest consumer trends, market dynamics and industry insight in the world’s most advanced coffee shop economy.
The comprehensive report features consumer behaviour insight gathered from 5,000 US coffee drinkers across all 50 states, over 100 consultations with senior coffee industry leaders, pricing data and key brand profiles, including supplier information.
Project Café USA 2021 also includes dedicated analyses of the coronavirus impact on US coffee shops, enabling your business to make the most informed and effective choices.

USA at a glance
In 2019 World Coffee Portal research revealed the $47.5bn US branded coffee shop market  grew 3.3% to reach 37,274 outlets. Since then, the US had been hard hit by coronavirus, which has piled extraordinary pressure on a coffee shop segment already facing intense competition and soaring consumer expectations.
Nevertheless, market leaders Starbucks and Dunkin’, as well as boutique operators such as Bluestone Lane, have ramped up digitally integrated ordering, drive-thru and delivery cater for new customer routines. With the multi-billion-dollar JDE Peet’s IPO attracting significant interest even during the pandemic, international investors clearly believe there remains much to play for in the US coffee shop market.

A Green Caffè Nero store in Poland | Photo: Jacek Dylag


Project Café Europe 2021, (including France and Germany consumer-focused reports) – 4 January 2021

Project Café Europe 2021 is World Coffee Portal’s extensive annual study on the highly diverse European branded coffee shop industry. The report details market sizing for 51 European markets and provides additional pricing analysis and operator profiles, including supplier information, across 24 featured markets.
The extensive coffee shop market analysis is generated from more than 7,000 consumer surveys from coffee drinkers in key markets across the continent and 500+ consultations with senior leaders and decision makers.
Detailed consumer data on France, Germany and the Scandinavian nations of Norway, Denmark and Sweden is available via World Coffee Portal’s accompanying key market-focused report series.

Europe at a glance
From Italy’s hallowed coffee culture, to France’s culinary-focused cafés, Germany’s strong bakery tradition and the UK’s booming specialty coffee industry, Europe’s diverse coffee shop market is a complex blend of first wave tradition and cutting-edge innovation.
Europe is the home of German conglomerate JAB Holdings, which continues to amass legions of major global coffee brands. Meanwhile eastern European countries, particularly Poland and Romania, had been enjoying significant branded coffee chain growth before the coronavirus crisis. 
While Brexit had dominated debate about the future of the UK’s coffee shop market, Europe’s largest, coronavirus brought much of Europe’s hospitality industry to a halt in 2020. With second waves of infection emerging across the continent and the re-imposition of travel restrictions, the delicate pace of recovery among Europe’s coffee shop economy remains fragile.


*NEW* Project Café Scandinavia 2021 – 4 January 2021

Project Café Scandinavia 2021 is World Coffee Portal’s first-ever deep dive study into Denmark, Norway and Sweden’s contemporary branded coffee shop markets. Featuring consumer studies based on the coffee shop preferences of 3,000 coffee drinkers.
The report provides a detailed assessment of the current trading environment and impact of Covid-19, with market sizing, growth forecasts and key trends and opportunities identified.
Project Café Scandinavia includes an expansive consumer analysis into changing spending and consumption behaviours, and an understanding of the region’s advanced coffee culture.

Project Café UK 2021 – 1 February 2021

With over 20 years of publication, Project Café UK 2021 is a tried and tested resource enabling stakeholders understand the social and economic contributions of the UK coffee shop industry and navigate ever-changing market dynamics.

The report identifies the growth, size and value of the branded coffee shop market and provides a strategic examination of the current and post-coronavirus trading environment. It also includes coffee chain dispersal data across the home nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and brand profiles, including supplier information, for major operators.
With in-depth consumer research based on more 30,000 surveys and 150+ operator consultations, the report unpacks major trends, key opportunities and potential barriers to growth.

UK at a glance
After an impressive 21 years of sustained outlet and revenue growth, the UK coffee shop segment has become intrinsic to UK lifestyles but is facing increasing challenges from a changing retail environment, economic pressures and the on-going impact of Covid-19.
Over the last 18 months, industry leaders have consistently cited Brexit, with its ramifications on hospitality workers and dampened consumer confidence, as a major headwind. With growing competition, staff and property costs, many cafés were operating on wafer thin margins even before the pandemic struck.
Nevertheless, UK coffee shops have cultivated a remarkable cultural movement around coffee over the last two decades. Allegra data confirms a strong desire among the UK public to return to cafés and coffee shops. However, operators must heed a substantially altered market landscape characterised by attention by profound shifts in customer routines, growing expectations on quality, digital transactions and brand diversification, particularly in the at-home segment.

For more information about the Project Café series, contact Matthew Hill, Commercial Executive: Email: mhill@allegra.co.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 20 7691 8800 

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