WMF espresso NEXT takes barista culture to the next level

The new WMF espresso NEXT semi-automatic portafilter machine performs all time-consuming and error-prone tasks automatically – from grinding, portioning and tamping to milk dosing and milk foam production

The new WMF espresso NEXT helps to ensure high coffee quality even as staff change | Photo credit: WMF


Fine coffee specialties, such as lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos, are a growing global trend across all consumer groups, and new, modern coffee outlets and concepts are constantly emerging. However, the number of experienced coffee professionals is not growing at the same rate.  

To close this gap, coffee machines must guarantee high process reliability and be as easy to operate as possible. Looking specifically at portafilter machines, semi-automatic concepts such as the new WMF espresso NEXT help to ensure high coffee quality even as staff change. The machine offers reproducible and consistently high barista-style coffee quality paired with the undeniable advantages of automation.  

The possibilities of automation and its uninterrupted growth are driven by the challenges facing the coffee business. A shortage of skilled workers and high fluctuation rates, as well as increasing quality demands from customers, are the breeding grounds for important innovations. The goal is to produce consistently high quality in products and services despite declining expertise and increasing work pressure.  

The WMF espresso NEXT is an important milestone in this respect. The semi-automatic portafilter machine from WMF Professional Coffee Machines provides the discerning coffee scene with barista-quality specialties, while at the same time relieving the burden on customers from the horeca industry. Experienced baristas get a solution that provides precise support and still leaves plenty of room for their own coffee art. Inexperienced colleagues, on the other hand, are reliably supported every step of the way to the perfect coffee drink.  

Compared to conventional portafilter machines, the WMF espresso NEXT reduces the manual preparation steps for a cappuccino by up to 40% – leaving more time for customer contact, which leads to higher sales due to shorter waiting times and contributes to customer satisfaction. The WMF espresso NEXT performs all time-consuming and error-prone tasks automatically – from grinding, portioning and tamping to milk dosing and milk foam production.  

“The machine is the answer to the current challenges of any modern coffee concept. Our aim is to reduce the complexity in the individual work steps and thus continuously improve coffee quality,” said Axel Fähnle, Head of Marketing, WMF Professional Coffee Machines. 


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