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Episode 36: The future of coffee capsules

On the podcast this week we’re exploring the multi-billion dollar coffee capsule industry, to uncover the opportunities for pods and capsules, and understand why many specialty coffee players have recently entered the space. 

In conversations with Jason Webber, B2C Commercial Director, Nespresso UK, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Founder, Colonna Coffee and Adrienne Roberts, CEO, Allpress Espresso, we’ll examine the long-term potential of this rapidly growing segment and ask whether coffee capsules are a threat or a complement to coffee shops and home espresso machines.

Credits music: "We Are All Just Human" by Catherine Taylor Dawson for The Coffee Music Project

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Jason Webber

Jason Webber

B2C Director, Nespresso UK

Hailing from New Zealand, Jason Webber has been with Nespresso for over a decade and currently serves as the B2B Director at Nespresso UK and ROI. Webber leads the direct-to-consumer coffee business across both markets, including Nespresso’s direct channels from the website to the app, plus the brand’s 44 boutiques.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Founder, Colonna Coffee

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is a three-time UK Barista Champion and the owner of Colonna Coffee, a UK specialty roastery and café brand founded in 2009. Colonna-Dashwood is also an author of The Coffee Directory, and co-author of Water for Coffee and is a board member for Project Waterfall and Peak Water.
Adrienne Roberts

Adrienne Roberts

CEO, Allpress Espresso

Adrienne Roberts is the CEO of international coffee brand Allpress Espresso, having served as CFO since 2018. Allpress was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1989 and now roasts specialty coffee for over 1,000 independent cafes around the world with operations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan and Singapore.  
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