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Episode 37: Diversity and inclusion in the coffee industry

On the podcast this week we’re addressing the important topic of diversity and inclusion across the coffee industry.

We’ll be exploring why it is important to have a diverse workforce, what it means to be truly inclusive, and the business benefits of building a welcoming environment for both customers and staff.

To help us tackle these complex questions and shed light on some different employee and customer experiences, we’ll be talking with Lem Butler, Co-Founder, Black & White Coffee Roasters, Jessica Worden, Head of Coffee, Gail’s Bakery, and accessibility consultant Tim Blanchard.

Credits music: "I gotta hope" by Coco for The Coffee Music Project

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Lem Butler

Lem Butler

Co-founder, Black & White Coffee Roasters

Lem Butler is a world-renowned barista, coffee trainer, competition MC and the 2016 US Barista Champion. Butler is the co-owner of Black & White Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee shop and roastery in North Carolina, which he founded with his business partner and fellow US Barista Champion, Kyle Ramage, in 2017.
Jessica Worden

Jessica Worden

Head of Coffee, GAIL’s

Jessica Worden Head of Coffee for GAIL’s – an artisan bakery and coffee chain, operating 70 locations across the UK. Worden is an authorised SCA Trainer, Q Grader and experienced coffee professional, with expertise in coffee operations, training, product development and coffee sensory analysis.
Tim Blanchard

Tim Blanchard

Accessibility Consultant

Tim Blanchard is an avid coffee drinker and serves as a consultant and advocate for access and accessibility in hospitality and events. Blanchard is part of the Accessibility, Access and Inclusion board for The London Coffee Festival, helping to make the festival more inclusive for all attendees.
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