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Episode 24: The carbon footprint of coffee shops

In the second part of our mini-series exploring eco-sustainability across the coffee industry, we turn the spotlight on carbon generation in the coffee shop.

In conversations with a café consultant and leading operators from Los Angeles, London and Singapore, we uncover exactly where and when carbon is being generated in coffee shops, what contributes the highest emissions in the store, and ask what owners can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Tim Ridley, Founder, United Baristas, provides a framework for understanding the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee and what that means for cafe owners.

Zayde Naquib, CEO of Bar Nine, and Ten, discusses his approach to reducing waste and carbon emissions at his ecologically progressive cafes in Los Angeles.

Lizzie Gurr, COO, Hasbean and Ozone Coffee, shares the ways her team are tackling their carbon footprint and their commitments to whole-cycle cooking.

Pamela Chng, Founder, Bettr Group in Singapore, discusses the challenges of balancing business needs with the need to reduce the carbon footprint of cafes.

Read more of United Barista's resources on reducing carbon emissions at unitedbaristas.com/CO2

Credits music: California Sky by Chanel Yates in association with The Coffee Music Project

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Lizzie Gurr

Lizzie Gurr

COO, Ozone Coffee Roasters and Hasbean

Lizzie Gurr is the founding UK partner of Ozone Coffee Roasters International, and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the business and its subsidiary Hasbean. Gurr has over ten years experience in management, strategy and organisational design and is committed to responsible behaviours and businesses as a force for good.
Tim Ridley

Tim Ridley

Founder, United Baristas

Tim Ridley is the founder of United Baristas, a digital platform to help baristas and coffee businesses. Ridley has over a decade of experience in the coffee industry including as a proprietor, strategist and writer. Ridley has a strong interest in tackling climate change and advocates for the coffee industry to lower its carbon footprint. 
Zayde Naquib

Zayde Naquib

CEO, Bar Nine, and Ten

Zayde Naquib is CEO of Bar Nine, and Ten, a set of ecologically progressive cafes in Greater Los Angeles, focused on transparency, sustainability, and community building. Naquib has been working in coffee for over 12 years and came to the industry after a career working in post-production in the film and video industry.
Pamela Chng

Pamela Chng

Founder. Bettr Group

Pamela Chng has over 19 years of start-up and business experience and is the co-founder of The Bettr Group – a for-profit social business and vertically integrated specialty coffee company in Singapore that aims to change lives through coffee. The group includes education platform Bettr Barista and retail brand, Bettr Coffee.
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