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Episode 26: The carbon footprint of coffee roasting

In the third episode of our mini-series on environmental sustainability across the coffee industry, we’re shifting the focus to carbon reduction in coffee roasteries.

In conversations with a leading academic, an electric roaster manufacturer, and coffee roasters, large and small, we unpack where carbon is generated once green coffee leaves the farm and how coffee roasters can make their operations as sustainable as possible.

Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth Systems Science at University College London provides an overview of the life cycle of a cup of coffee and where carbon is generated across the supply chain.

Grayson Caldwell, Head of Sustainability, Bellwether Coffee, discusses the urgent need to electrify coffee roasting and the environmental benefits vs. traditional gas roasting.

Ewan Reid, Managing Director, Matthew Algie, shares how his business is tackling the challenges of carbon production in large-scale roasting operations.

Bengt Ove Hagen, Production Director, Joh. Johannson Kaffe shares how his team designed a brand new eco-focused roasting facility and their ambitions to become one of the world’s most sustainable coffee roasters.

Read more on Bellwether’s annual sustainability report here.

Credits music: “Rage” by Kate Klein in association with the Coffee Music Project

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Mark Maslin

Mark Maslin

Professor, University College London

Mark Maslin is a Professor of Earth System Science at UCL and co-founded Rezatec in 2012, one of the world’s leading geospatial analytics companies. Maslin has published over 180 papers in journal, such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet, over 60 articles and 10 books including the latest ‘How to save our planet: the facts’.
Grayson Caldwell

Grayson Caldwell

Head of Sustainability, Bellwether Coffee

Grayson Caldwell is the Senior Sustainability Manager at Bellwether Coffee. With over 10 years of experience and a Masters in Public Administration in Development Practice, Caldwell has dedicated her career to sustainability. Prior to joining Bellwether, Caldwell worked with the Peace Corps, and nonprofits.
Ewan Reid

Ewan Reid

Managing Director, Matthew Algie

Matthew Algie is a leading UK roaster specialising in sustainable sourcing. Ewan Reid has worked for the company since joining as a graduate in 1993 and became Managing Director in 2018. With a background in food science, Reid has overseen a variety of business areas including operations, sourcing and sustainability.
Bengt Ove Hagen

Bengt Ove Hagen

Production Director Joh Johannson Kaffe

Bengt Ove Hagen joined Joh Johannson Kaffe in 2013 as Quality- And Packaging material manager, then as Production Director, when the company set out to building the Environmentally Friendly Coffee Roastery of Norway. Hagen’s main focus has been conserving energy and making wood work as a building material for the new roastery.
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