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Episode 30: Unlocking the potential of tea in coffee shops

On the podcast today we’re shifting our focus outside of coffee to steep ourselves in the world of tea.

The tea industry is enormous, with a long and rich history. In fact, tea is the most consumed hot beverage globally. Yet in many coffee shops around the world, the consumer experience for tea falls short.

What does an outstanding tea offer look like? What are the financial rewards for getting tea right? How can coffee operators create an enticing tea value proposition? To help us answer these questions, we’re speaking with Kai Ellerbrock, Managing Partner, Market Grounds, David Veal, Executive Director of The European Speciality Tea Association, and Oscar Woolley, Co-owner, Suki Tea Makers.

Credits music: 'Wake me up' by Faith Child for the Coffee Music Project


Kai Ellerbrock

Kai Ellerbrock

Managing Partner, Market Grounds

Kai Ellerbrock grew up in a tea and coffee family which has a history of over 130 years in the industry. After a period working in the coffee industry for a large green coffee trader, Ellerbrock founded Market Grounds in 1998, distributing high-quality tea and coffee products to over 40 countries worldwide.
David Veal

David Veal

Executive Director, The European Speciality Tea Association

David Veal has over 35 years’ experience across the specialty coffee industry. From 2011 to 2018, Veal was Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and in 2019 moved into the world of tea, serving as Executive Director for The European Speciality Tea Association.
Oscar Woolley

Oscar Woolley

Co-owner, Suki Tea Makers

Oscar Woolley is co-owner and founder of Suki Tea Makers. Founded in Belfast in 2005, Suki ethically source and blend loose leaf teas, herbal and fruit infusions from all over the world, exporting to 22 and supplying coffee shops Woolley is also a board member for The European Specialty Tea Association.
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