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Episode 31: The importance of water in coffee operations

On the podcast this week, we’re diving into the world of water for coffee and navigating its impact on café operations. 

What kind of water makes for an excellent espresso and for well-running machines? How should coffee operators embed water management systems into their day-to-day operations?

To help answer these questions and understand the science of water a little deeper we’re speaking with Samantha Scoles, Head of Beverage at BRITA Professional UK, Dr. Marco Wellinger, research associate at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and two coffee shop operators, Jon Whyte of Bean Coffee, and Mike Logue of Redemption Roasters.

To go even deeper into coffee science you can enrol in the online course to receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Coffee Excellence at Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Credits Music: Coffee Bean by Zaniah Harris, winner of the Coffee Music Project 2021

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Samantha Scoles

Samantha Scoles

Head of Beverage, BRITA Professional UK

Samantha Scoles is Head of Beverage at BRITA Professional UK and has been passionate about helping customers customers get the best water quality for their brewing requirements. Scoles has worked at BRITA for seven years and recently became a certified BRITA Water Sommelier, following a year of rigorous training through BRITA’s Water Academy.
Dr. Marco Wellinger

Dr. Marco Wellinger

Research Associate, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Marco Wellinger is a researcher at the Coffee Excellence Center of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences with a focus on clarifying the dynamics of coffee extraction and new ways to explain and handle water. Wellinger is also a Q grader, SCA trainer and co-author of the new SCA water quality and freshness handbooks.
Mike Logue

Mike Logue

Wholesale Director, Redemption Roasters

Mike Logue is the Wholesale Director at Redemption Roasters – a unique London based specialty coffee chain employing ex-offenders and training them in coffee industry skills with the aim of reducing reoffending in the UK. Logue has over 20 years experience in the hospitality sector, including owning a small neighbourhood bistro and over 10 years as a chef,
Jon Whyte

Jon Whyte

Co-founder, Bean Coffee

John Whyte is co-founder of Bean Coffee, an independently owned coffee roaster founded in 2008 with a chain of 20 coffee stores across Liverpool and Manchester. In 2016 Bean Coffee opened its own roastery in Liverpool’s Brunswick Dock and prides itself on carefully sourcing and roasting beans to ensure high-quality and traceability.
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