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Episode 33: Biophilia: Living-conscious design in hospitality spaces

On the podcast today we’re entering the world of biophilia – a powerful human-centric design philosophy that’s making inroads to the mainstream and revolutionising hospitality spaces worldwide.

To help us get to grips with the basics of biophilia and understand the health promoting benefits of reconnecting with nature, we’re speaking with Oliver Heath, one of the world’s leading thinkers in biophilic design.

We’ll also hear from Shiyun Qian, Founder of Nota Architects in China, and Tim Schroeder, Founder of London-based specialty café group Hagen, to further see how these design principles can be applied to hospitality spaces and discover the business benefits of biophilia in café operations. 

To dive deeper into Oliver Heath’s work, you can read his white paper ‘Creating Positive Spaces using Biophilic Design’ here. For ideas on how to incorporate biophilic design into the home, Oliver has also authored the book ‘Design A Healthy Home’ which can be purchased from all major retailers.  

Credits music: ‘Coffee in Your Cup’ by Daisy Chute for The Coffee Music Project

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Oliver Heath

Oliver Heath

Founder, Oliver Heath Design

Oliver Heath is a Brighton-based architect and interior designer with clients including the BBC, Unilever and Bloomberg and many more. One of the leading thinkers on biophilic and sustainable design, Heath is passionate about human centred design and the role nature plays in creating sustainable and regenerative spaces.

Shiyun Qian

Shiyun Qian

Founder, Nota Architects

Shiyun Qian is the founder of Nota Architects – one of China’s Top Most Influential Architects and Interior Designers awarded by AD100 in 2019. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, Nota has designed some of the most iconic specialty coffee and hospitality spaces across China including sites for SeeSaw and HEYTEA.  

Tim Schroeder

Tim Schroeder

Founder, Hagen

Tim Schroeder is the founder of Hagen, a Danish espresso bar concept born out of Schroeder’s native Copenhagen and founded in London. Hagen now totals six specialty coffee bars across London, influenced by the Danish concept of hygge and biophilic design to deliver a warm and comforting environment for its customers.

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