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Episode 23: Environmental sustainability at origin

Kicking off a new series on the podcast exploring ecological sustainability across the coffee supply chain, we’re examining the environmental impact of coffee farming at origin.

Finding solutions to the complicated problems caused by the climate crisis is vital to the future viability of coffee, and the planet. Throughout series, we’ll uncover how the coffee industry is responding to these challenges, showcase best practices and offer a glimpse into the future.

In this episode, we speak with coffee growers, traders, and retailers, to address key ecological issues at origin and ask, what do coffee farmers need from coffee retailers to support their environmental initiatives?

Katie Carguilo, Western Coffee Manager, Counter Culture Coffee, highlights how environmental sustainability is directly tied to farmer economics and the prices they earn.

Diego Robelo, General Manager at Aquiares Estate Coffee, shares the sustainable agroforestry systems at his coffee farm and the importance of environmentally focused certifications.

Carlos Ortiz, Volcafe Way Manager at Volcafe, discusses the connection between commercial and environmental needs of coffee roasters and the potential for green credits for coffee farmers.

Credits music: Hot Coffee by Say No More ft Nutty P. in association with the Coffee Music Project


Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz

Co-founder, Volcafe Way

Carlos Ortiz is the manager of Volcafe’s sourcing strategy, Volcafe Way and has been with the company since 2008. With a masters in Agribusiness, Carlos has dedicated his career to helping coffee growers become entrepreneurs and achieve sustainable profitability.
Katie Carguilo

Katie Carguilo

Western Coffee Manager, Counter Culture Coffee

Katie Carguilo began her coffee career in 2002 as a barista and in 2007 joined Counter Culture Coffee. Carguilo has held many roles in her 14 years with the company, and is now Western Coffee Manager for the business. Carguilo is the 2012 USBC.
Diego Robelo

Diego Robelo

General Manager, Aquiares Estate Coffee

Diego Robelo is the General Manager for Aquiares Estate Coffee – Costa Rica’s largest continuous coffee farm spanning 924 hectares. Robelo grew up around coffee, being raised on the Aquiares family farm, and went on to study agriculture at Cornell University in USA.
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