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Episode 8: Achieving sustainably profitable coffee farming

While specialty coffee consumption continues to grow, it’s an unfortunate truth that for many, coffee growing does not offer a financially viable livelihood. It is also true the quality of life in these communities almost always lags behind those of coffee drinkers in western economies. This week we are exploring how three different organisations are trying to address these problems.

We’ll hear from Carlos Ortiz, Manager of Volcafe's sourcing strategy Volcafe Way. He shares how his company is prioritising farmer sustainability in its sourcing practices.

Catherine David, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Fairtrade Foundation offers insights on why it makes sense for business operators to provide certified coffees.

Rebecca Hodgson, Head of Project Waterfall, a water charity focused on coffee growing communities, explains how access to clean water is a key piece in the sustainability puzzle.

Credits music: Quaranqueen by Dyllan winner of the Coffee Music Project Los Angeles 2019


Catherine David

Catherine David

Head of Commercial Partnerships, Fairtrade

Catherine David's focus at Fairtrade is building partnerships and growing the market for Fairtrade producers and workers worldwide. Catherine is an expert in the sustainability and the ethical trade sector, with particular expertise in sustainable value chains and food systems.
Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz

Co-founder, Volcafe Way

Carlos Ortiz is the manager of Volcafe’s sourcing strategy, Volcafe Way and has been with the company since 2008. With a masters in Agribusiness, Carlos has dedicated his career to helping coffee growers become entrepreneurs and achieve sustainable profitability.
Rebecca Hodgson

Rebecca Hodgson

Head of Project Waterfall

Rebecca Hodgson is the head of Project Waterfall, a charity bringing clean drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities. Rebecca oversees projects in seven countries across the coffee growing belt, serving over 60,000 people with clean water.
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