| 57 mins

Episode 10: 5th Wave at origin - Bringing coffee farmers to the table

Jeffrey Young is joined by David Griswold, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers – the world’s first B Corp certified coffee company - to explore what the 5th Wave of coffee means in practice and its significance to coffee farmers at origin. 

David is a leading figure in the world of specialty coffee and a pioneer in sustainable, ethical trade. In this conversation, David and Jeffrey discuss the importance of forging human connections with coffee farmers and fostering business synergies between coffee growing communities and the coffee drinking world. 

For more information on the guiding principles of the 5th Wave of coffee, read our introduction article Explainer: What is the 5th Wave?


David Griswold

David Griswold

Founder & CEO, Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

David Griswold pioneered the Relationship Coffee model of sourcing and has been a leader in sustainability and social enterprise in the global coffee industry for over 20 years. With offices in the U.S., Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, and, most recently, the UK, Sustainable Harvest builds transparent, impactful relationships between producers and buyers.

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