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Episode 12: Grounds for optimism

When Covid-19 hit over 12 months ago, the global hospitality industry was confronted with its biggest crisis in many generations. Now, as we look towards the end of the pandemic and businesses worldwide return to some form of normality, café owners may be asking themselves, “should we be cautious or optimistic”?

We believe there is much to be positive about. In this episode, we are speaking to coffee business leaders and a global economist to explore the positive business trends and opportunities that have emerged in the wake of the global pandemic.

We’ll hear a macro perspective from Deloitte’s Chief Global Economist Ira Kalish, who outlines what effect Covid has had on the global economy and how quickly he expects global GDP to rebound.

Phil McKnight, General Manager for Global Specialty Coffee at Breville and Sage Appliances shares why he believes the coffee market will grow even more both in the home and in the cafe once consumers are back on the streets.
We’ll also speak with Darren Levy, CEO of Africa’s largest coffee shop chain, vida e caffè, about the innovations he is bringing to South African coffee drinkers.

This episode is part of a series of articles and interviews examining the opportunities for positive change in a post-pandemic world. Read the latest edition of the 5THWAVE magazine here for more on the topic.
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Ira Kalish

Ira Kalish

Chief Global Economist, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Dr. Kalish is the Chief Global Economist of Deloitte. He is a specialist in global economic issues as well as the effects of economic, demographic, and social trends on the global business environment. He advises Deloitte clients and leadership team on economic issues and their impact on business strategy. 

Darren Levy

Darren Levy

CEO, vida e caffè

Darren Levy is the CEO of vida e caffè. and holds a B. Bus. Sci. with an Honours in Finance. Levy began his career as a Management Consultant in Cape Town and then spent 10 years at the helm of a large retail holding company servicing multiple brands. Levy joined vida e caffè as CEO in 2015.

Phil McKnight

Phil McKnight

GM for Global Specialty Coffee, Breville/Sage

Phil McKnight is the General Manager for Global Specialty Coffee at Breville – known as Sage Appliances in the UK and Europe. Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville has become an iconic global brand, bringing thoughtful design and innovative kitchen appliances to more than 70 countries around the world.

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