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Episode 15: Coffeepreneurs – Inside the minds of three leading coffee entrepreneurs

Today we’re exploring the careers of three highly impressive individuals in the business of coffee to learn their stories and the secrets behind their success. 

We speak with James Hoffmann, Gregory Zamfotis, and Toby Smith to delve into their different entrepreneurial approaches and discover the motivations and guiding principles that have underpinned their successful careers.

Our conversation with the multi-faceted entrepreneur, James Hoffmann, reveals business learnings and hidden clues into how he built his career across multiple platforms.

Gregory Zamfotis, founder of NYC specialty coffee chain, Gregorys Coffee, shares the influence his family has had on his career and the never-ending importance of hard work and treating people well.

We also speak with Toby Smith, founder of the iconic Toby’s Estate, one of Australia’s first and largest specialty coffee roasters, who sheds light on his pioneering career in coffee.

Credits music: Money Ain't a Thing by R.O.E. runner up for the 2016 Coffee Music Project in New York City.


James Hoffmann

James Hoffmann

Founder, Hoffmann Industries

James Hoffmann has worked in coffee since 2003, was the 2007 World Barista Champion and is the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Hoffmann is a business consultant and advisor, the author of The World Atlas of Coffee and also runs the largest YouTube channel dedicated to coffee.
Gregory Zamfotis

Gregory Zamfotis

Founder & CEO, Gregorys Coffee

Gregory Zamfotis grew up in the food business, working at his father’s fast-casual restaurants in New York City. Zamfotis originally pursued a career in finance and corporate law before returning to the hospitality industry and creating the New York based specialty coffee company, Gregorys Coffee in 2006.
Toby Smith

Toby Smith

Founder, Toby's Estate

Toby Smith is a pioneer in the Australian coffee scene, having founded Toby’s Estate, one of Australia’s first and largest specialty coffee roasters in 1998. Smith is also the Co-owner of Finca Santa Teresa Panama, a boutique coffee farm in Panama, and the Co-founder of Varia Brewing.
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