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Episode 18: The role of food in coffee businesses

On the podcast today, we examine the interplay between food and coffee in hospitality businesses. The upside to adding food to a coffee proposition is clear but delivering excellent coffee and food simultaneously is never easy, and success often depends on the scale and scope of your business.

Exploring this week's theme, we speak with four leading operators, of all shapes and sizes, who share insights on how their businesses deliver a delicate balance of first-class food alongside great coffee.

Clare Clough, UK Managing Director, Pret A Manger discusses the latest trends in food-to-go and shares how a multi-site food franchise approaches their coffee offering.

Heather Perry, Vice President, Klatch Coffee explores how her business uses food to complement their core coffee offering, and the complexity it brings. 

We also speak with Miles Kirby, Co-owner and Head Chef, Caravan, who shares insights on how their restaurants shift focus on coffee and food fluidity throughout the day.

Henry Roberts, Co-founder, Two Hands, explains how his cafes have transitioned to a food-focused business and how he keeps its coffee programme as strong as its food.

Find out more about World Coffee Portal’s research on the food-to-go sector with our consumer-led report Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks UK 2021.

Credits music: Send Me by Bobbie Harvey, the winning song for the Coffee Music Project 2021.


Clare Clough

Clare Clough

UK Managing Director, Pret A Manger

Pret’s UK MD, Clare Clough, has over 15 years’ experience in the Food & Beverage retail sector. Clough joined Pret in 2010 as the Head of Food & Technical and worked her way up through the Food & Coffee team, becoming Chief Food & Coffee Officer in 2017 and later UK MD in 2019.

Heather Perry

Heather Perry

Vice President, Klatch Coffee

Heather Perry is the Vice President and Director of Training & Consulting at Klatch Coffee – a family-owned coffee roaster and coffee shop chain based in Greater Los Angeles. Perry is a two-time US Barista Champion, World Barista Champion runner up and is also a former president of the Specialty Coffee Association.
Miles Kirby

Miles Kirby

Co-founder & Chef Director, Caravan

Miles Kirby is the Co-founder and Chef Director at Caravan, an antipodean-inspired all day dining chain and coffee roasting business in London. Founded in 2009, Caravan now operates eight restaurants across the city iand will be opening its first restaurant in Manchester in Summer 2024.

Henry Roberts

Henry Roberts

CEO & Founder, Two Hands

Henry Roberts is the CEO & Founder of Two Hands, a brand of Australian-inspired cafes in New York and Austin, Texas. Roberts has worked in the hospitality industry for over 12 years, is a grass-fed beef farmer and also hold a bachelor of Music & Entertainment.
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