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Episode 22: The critical role of the general manager

Today we’re exploring the importance of the general manager in café operations and unpacking how this pivotal role can mean the difference between hospitality businesses operating at a loss or at a profit. 

In conversations with experienced operators and a leading management academic, we ask what general managers need from owner operators to thrive and deliver financial success and how to engage and retain these star employees.

Christopher Muller PhD, author of the ground-breaking book: “The Leader of Managers”, shares some of the management models that have helped transform the role of the GM in hospitality, and highlights the importance of adequately incentivising these key members of staff.

Tim Ridley, founder of United Baristas, speaks about the importance of treating general managers with compassion and investing time to build a nurturing workplace culture.

Lizzie Gurr, Chief Operating Officer of Ozone Coffee Roasters and Hasbean, shares the key qualities she looks for when hiring operational managers across her businesses.

Credits music: Fumes by Richard James, Winner of the Coffee Music Project 2019

For more on Christopher Muller’s management research, pick up a copy of his book “The Leader of Managers


Christopher Muller PhD

Christopher Muller PhD

Management academic and author

Chris Muller is a leading academic expert in the field of restaurant management, focusing on multi-unit organisations, development, and leader training. Muller has held positions at Cornell University, UCF's Rosen College, Boston University, and is currently Professor of Executive Education at FIU's Chaplin School.
Lizzie Gurr

Lizzie Gurr

COO, Ozone Coffee Roasters and Hasbean

Lizzie Gurr is the founding UK partner of Ozone Coffee Roasters International, and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the business and its subsidiary Hasbean. Gurr has over ten years experience in management, strategy and organisational design and is committed to responsible behaviours and businesses as a force for good.
Tim Ridley

Tim Ridley

Founder, United Baristas

Tim Ridley is the founder of United Baristas, a digital platform to help baristas and coffee businesses. Ridley has over a decade of experience in the coffee industry including as a proprietor, strategist and writer. Ridley has a strong interest in tackling climate change and advocates for the coffee industry to lower its carbon footprint. 
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