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Episode 20: The hospitality staffing crisis

On the podcast this week we examine the staffing crisis affecting hospitality businesses globally and the impact Covid-19 and Brexit has had on the hiring landscape. 

In conversations with trade representatives and leading operators from London and New York, we explore the long-term challenges of developing meaningful careers within the hospitality space and solutions for attracting and retaining the brightest talent.

Tony Sophoclides, Strategic Affairs Director for the trade association UKHospitality, provides a macro overview on the current staff shortages felt across the UK.

Jessica Worden, Head of Coffee, GAIL’s, highlights the importance of being clear about your values and hiring people who embrace your vision.

Jonathan Rubinstein, CEO, Joe Coffee, shares how his company navigated the sudden impact of Covid-19 and the staff shortages experienced on re-opening.

We also hear from Freddie Speed, a restaurant general manager who has recently taken a pause from the industry, who gives insight on why a number of hospitality professionals are now considering alternative careers.

Credits music: New York Makes Me Cry by Abrielle Scharff, a former finalist for the Coffee Music Project NYC.


Jonathan Rubinstein

Jonathan Rubinstein

CEO, Joe Coffee

Jonathan Rubinstein is the founder and CEO of Joe Coffee, which began as a single café in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of New York city.  In the past 18 years, Rubinstein has grown the business to 20 retail cafés, a roastery, a wholesale program, public education program, and catering division.
Jessica Worden

Jessica Worden

Head of Coffee, GAIL’s

Jessica Worden Head of Coffee for GAIL’s – an artisan bakery and coffee chain, operating 70 locations across the UK. Worden is an authorised SCA Trainer, Q Grader and experienced coffee professional, with expertise in coffee operations, training, product development and coffee sensory analysis.
Tony Sophoclides

Tony Sophoclides

Strategic Affairs Director, UKHospitality

Tony Sophoclides is the Strategic Affairs Director at UKHospitality, a trade association representing the UK hospitality sector. UKHospitality is the voice of over 700 companies in the sector, covering coffee shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, contract caterers, and entertainment venues.
Freddie Speed

Freddie Speed

Hospitality Professional

Freddie Speed is a UK hospitality professional most recently managing the evening service for an up-and-coming London restaurant. Speed has spent ten years building a career in the hospitality sector, working across 5 Star hotels, restaurants and other premium venues.
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