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Bonus: Reframing the 'leader' - a conversation with Laila Ghambari

Jeffrey Young speaks with Laila Ghambari, Director of Cafes at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, to get a glimpse into how the pioneering specialty coffee business manages its cafes and learn how she has been steering the ship through the turbulent waters of the pandemic.

We originally spoke to Laila for our episode on Fostering team culture, but she offered such thought-provoking insights on leadership and navigating through change that we felt the interview deserved an episode of its own. In this conversation, Laila challenges us to rethink the traditional role of the leader and highlights the importance of serving the managers who report to you, instead of the other way round.


Laila Ghambari

Laila Ghambari

Director of Cafes, Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Laila Ghambari has been working in specialty coffee for over 15 years, having started at her father’s chain Cherry Street Coffee House. From there, her career in coffee has taken her from barista to her current role at Stumptown. She served on the Barista Guild Executive Council and was the US Barista Champion 2014. 
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