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Bonus: Growing an icon - a conversation with Tim Wendelboe

Jeffrey Young speaks with Tim Wendelboe, founder of the Oslo-based roastery that exemplifies the Nordic specialty coffee movement. In this conversation Tim discusses the business principles he used to build the iconic roastery and explores the challenges coffee growers face in building financially sustainable businesses. 

Tim is a shining example of a successful business leader guided by principles, ethics, and transparency. We featured Tim in our Careers in Coffee episode but were only able to include a handful of the many insights he offered, so today we are releasing that conversation in full.


Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe

Founder, Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway where he imports, roast and serve high quality coffees. As well as winning eight Nordic Roaster Competitions with his team, he was the 2004 World Barista Champion and the 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion.
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