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Bonus: Building a long-term values-based business – a conversation with Klaus Thomsen

To kick off 2022 we bring you a very special bonus episode with Klaus Thomsen, co-founder of the legendary Coffee Collective – a boutique specialty coffee chain, roastery, and bakery based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In this episode, we discuss Klaus’ early career and inspiration, the vision and culture behind Coffee Collective, and his key learnings to creating a successful and sustainable coffee business.

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Klaus Thomsen

Klaus Thomsen

Co-founder, Coffee Collective

Klaus Thomsen began his coffee career in London in 2001 working as a barista and became the World Barista Champion in 2006. Back in his native Denmark, Thomsen co-founded Coffee Collective in 2007 with Peter Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen, with a view to create the best coffee experiences in the world while helping farmers achieve more value. Coffee Collective has now grown to a microroastery, six coffee shops, green coffee importer and a bakery.
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