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Loring Smart Roast reappoints Bob Austin as President to head product development

The US commercial coffee roaster manufacturer highlighted Austin's 2013-2017 tenure as a key period of innovation for the business

Loring’s machine portfolio includes the S7 Nighthawk, S15 Falcon, S35 Kestrel and S70 Peregrine | Photo credit: Loring Smart Roast


California-based Loring Smart Roast has reappointed Bob Austin as President to lead its next phase of growth and innovation. 

Austin previously served as President 2013-2017 before rejoining the roaster manufacturer as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Engineering in March 2023. He succeeds Abbie Walther as President less than 12 months after the former Lind Marine executive assumed the role. 

In a press release, Loring highlighted Austin as ‘critical’ to its early product development and credited him for building the business into a ‘known entity in specialty coffee roasting’.  

“Bob is an industry veteran and is back to lead us into a new chapter. We are thrilled to welcome him back as President as we continue to ensure the Loring Smart Roast team and products remain industry leading and innovative,” said Ed Barr, CEO, Loring. 

Loring was founded in 2003. Its roasters are known for their fuel efficiency and utilise an integrated burner to incinerate smoke and reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Its portfolio includes the S7 Nighthawk, S15 Falcon, S35 Kestrel and S70 Peregrine roasting machines, with clients including Norwegian specialty coffee roaster Tim Wendelboe, California-based Equator Coffees and Blue Bottle Coffee, and New York’s Joe Coffee

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