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Bellwether Coffee unveils new micro-roaster for in-store roasting

The US electric coffee roaster manufacturer says demand for electric coffee roasting is increasing globally, with coffee shops keen to roast in-house to lower costs and reduce carbon footprints

The Bellwether Shop Roaster | Photo credit: Bellwether Coffee


Electric coffee roaster manufacturer Bellwether Coffee has unveiled a new compact machine to meet high demand from coffee shops seeking to roast in-house.  

The Bellwether Shop Roaster is designed for countertop use and can roast 40lbs of coffee in a single operation, according to California-based Bellwether. 

In a press release, the business said the machine cuts wholesale coffee costs in half and reduces the carbon footprint of a pound of coffee by an average of 87%. The Bellwether Shop Roaster can handle an estimated average coffee shop demand of 100lbs of coffee per week but can also be enhanced with a Continuous Roasting Upgrade which allows for at least 400lbs per week.

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“The Bellwether Shop Roaster is ushering in the next wave of the micro-roastery movement by empowering all retailers to realise the promise and impact of electric on-site coffee roasting from farm-to-cup,” said Ricardo Lopez, CEO, Bellwether.  

Bellwether said its lower-cost roaster – which will retail for $14,900 – was developed in response to increased demand for electric coffee roasting globally.  

In 2023, the business installed its first unit in Japan at MUJI’s flagship store by Osaka Station before entering the European market for the first time via a collaboration with Copenhagen-inspired specialty coffee chain Hagen in London. 

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