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Caffè Pascucci seeking to open 100 new stores annually in South Korea

The Italian coffee chain currently operates more than 500 outlets across the east Asian country via its partnership with food and beverage giant SPC Group

Caffè Pascucci currently has 509 stores across South Korea compared to 28 in its domestic market | Photo credit: Caffè Pascucci


Caffè Pascucci CEO Mario Pascucci has outlined plans to open 100 new stores in South Korea every year as it seeks to build upon increased demand for ‘espresso bar coffee culture’ among young consumers. 

The Italian coffee chain entered South Korea in 2002 in partnership with Paris Baguette owner SPC Group. It currently has 509 stores across the east Asian country compared to 28 in its domestic market. 

In an interview with economic newspaper MB, Pascucci said the chain’s success in South Korea was partially a result of the market’s more diverse consumers and beverage menus.  

“In Italy, there is a culture of drinking coffee in an instant at an espresso bar and going out to work. You can meet a variety of drinks and menus in Korean stores. The American-style coffee culture of sitting in a cafè for a long time has developed, and the products are diverse as many consumers, including young people, visit,” he said. 

In September 2021, Caffè Pascucci introduced espresso bars to its South Korean store network which have an ‘emphasis on Italian espresso’. 

In March 2024, Pascucci and SPC Group Chairman Hur Young-in signed a master franchise agreement for Caffè Pascucci to launch Paris Baguette in Italy. If achieved, Italy will become Paris Baguette’s third European market after France and the UK

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