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Ziggi’s Coffee signs 200th franchise agreement in the US

The Colorado-based coffee chain continues to lay the groundwork for future growth in an increasingly competitive US drive-thru coffee shop market

Ziggi’s Coffee began franchising in 2016 and currently operates 65 stores across 14 US states | Photo credit: Ziggi's Coffee


Ziggi’s Coffee has signed its 200th franchise agreement, which the Colorado-based coffee chain said marks ‘a monumental milestone’ on its ‘path of rapid growth’.

Founded in 2004, Ziggi’s Coffee began franchising in 2016. The drive-thru focused coffee chain currently operates 65 stores across 14 US states, 55 of which are franchisee-operated. 

Ziggi’s Coffee has a further 120 units in development. 

“The signing of our 200th agreement is an extraordinary accomplishment and a testament to not only the foundation we have set through our systems and processes but also to the quality of our franchise owners who strive to connect our communities and to always be the best part of your day,” said Brandon Knudsen, CEO, Ziggi’s Coffee. 

Drive-thru coffee is increasingly popular in the US, with 54% of US consumers surveyed by World Coffee Portal in August 2022 indicating a preference for drive-thru over physically entering a coffee shop. 

Oregon-based Dutch Bros opened 133 new drive-thru stores in the US last year and is set to exceed its target of reaching 800 stores by the end of 2023. 

Meanwhile, Nebraska-based Scooter’s Coffee opened its 500th outlet in the US in December 2022 amid plans to reach 1,000 stores by the end of 2024. 

Florida-based Ellianos Coffee is another drive-thru focused company keen to catalyse consumer demand for convenience. The 30-strong coffee chain has over 100 locations in various stages of development, which it said are scheduled to open within the coming months and years. 

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