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Löfbergs expands UK retail coffee range following strong 2022 sales

The sustainability-focused coffee roaster is following its strong performance in the UK last year with an expanded packaged coffee range with supermarket chain Tesco

Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs achieved 246% sales growth in the UK last year | Photo credit: Löfbergs


Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs has launched a new retail packaged coffee in the UK following a successful sales performance across the country last year. 

Having achieved 246% sales growth in the UK last year, the company has launched its 450g Fika Dark Roast Ground Coffee to 442 Tesco stores nationwide. 

The Karlstad-based coffee roaster made its UK retail debut in November 2022, launching a range of organic packaged coffee via distribution agreements with supermarket chain Tesco and online grocery platform Ocado. 

In a press release, Löfbergs noted its product is larger than average retail packaged coffee, containing around 55-75 cups of coffee, nearly 20 more than most retail coffees found on UK supermarket shelves. 

Named after the Swedish custom to reconnect over a coffee, Löfbergs said its Fika launch will resonate with increasing numbers of UK consumers adopting the Scandinavian practice. 

“We’re excited to build on the success we’ve seen so far in the UK and hopefully introduce more people to Sweden’s most popular coffee. The Fika coffee more than lives up to the high expectations of the Löfbergs brand. We have spent over 100 years perfecting the taste, so you can guarantee a great coffee when you reach for the cafetiere,” said Wilson Clarke, Managing Director, Löfbergs UK. 

In October 2022, Löfbergs Group, which represents the Löfbergs, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Percol, Green Cup, Kobbs and SuperBonobo brands, joined the European Coffee Federation, an industry organisation focused on the long-term sustainability of coffee supply chains. 

In December 2022 Löfbergs reported a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions across its own operations over the last three years. 

The coffee roaster attributed the reductions to a SEK 200m ($19m) investment in its environmentally certified roastery in Karlstad and has set new targets to tackle climate emissions outside of the company’s own activities. By the end of the decade, Löfbergs expects to have contributed a 30% reduction in areas such as farming, transportation and consumption.   

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