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Oatly to be served at 1,250 Aral petrol stations in Germany

The Swedish dairy alternative manufacturer is collaborating with Germany’s largest petrol station network to extend its reach in the country’s on-the-go and at-home segments

Aral currently serves more than 85,000 coffees each day across its sites | Photo credit: Aral


Oatly has announced a new partnership with Aral, Germany’s largest petrol station network, that will see Oatly Barista Edition served across the country. 

Malmo-based Oatly said its oatmilk will launch in approximately 1,250 Aral-owned sites, first through the petrol retailer’s on-the-go- coffee offering before being sold as a retail product for at-home consumption. 

Aral currently serves more than 85,000 coffees each day across its sites and expects to expand to begin distributing Oatly’s Hafer Barista Edition retail offering in November 2022. 

“We’re excited to kick off our cooperation with Aral to introduce Oatly to its large customer base across Germany. This launch is an important step in our efforts to make Oatly a bigger part of Germans’ everyday lives at no extra charge, benefiting the health of the planet and our future,” said Helge Weitz, Oatly’s General Manager, DACH. 

Aral is Germany’s largest petrol station network with around 2,400 retail sites in Germany. 

"With the Oatly Barista Edition, we will cater to the ever-growing number of our customers who prefer plant-based options, whether that’s for taste, environmental or health reasons – and at no extra charge in beverages. Oatly is the perfect partner for this with more than 25 years of oat drink expertise. Today’s launch represents the first step in our cooperation as we look to expand the range of Oatly products to offer our customers over the coming months,” said Marvin Scharff, Food Service Category Manager, Aral. 

World Coffee Portal research found that oatmilk has risen in popularity in Germany over the last 12 months. Project Café Germany 2022 reported 13% of German consumers typically pairing oatmilk with their beverage, ahead of almond milk (10.9%). 

Oatly began distributing its oatmilk in Germany in 2018 and reports holding 21% of Germany’s total plant-based market share. In the last 12 months the oatmilk company has announced several brand partnerships to broaden the reach of its products in the country. 

In January 2022, Germany’s national rail company, Deutsche Bahn, begun serving Oatly with coffee beverages sold on board its trains.  

In May 2022, Swedish coffee chain Espresso House extended an existing partnership with Oatly to serve Oatly Barista Edition across its coffee shops in the Nordics and its 15 stores in Germany.  

In September 2022, German coffee chain and retailer Tchibo began serving Oatly Barista Edition in its approximately 900 cafés across Europe.  

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