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Löfbergs appoints Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén as Head of Sustainability

Swedish coffee group Löfbergs has announced Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén as its new Head of Sustainability, with the company’s former sustainability strategist saying that collaboration is key to driving forward the group's sustainability goals

The Karlstad-based coffee group presented a new framework for sustainable business in 2021 | Photo credit: Löfbergs


Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén has been appointed new Head of Sustainability at Swedish-based Löfbergs Group, having worked as a sustainability strategist at the family-owned coffee roaster since 2020. 

Ljudén, who interned as Löfbergs when studying at Karlstad University, succeeds Eva Eriksson, who is retiring after 34 years at Löfbergs. 

“Taking responsibility for people and the environment is in Löfbergs’ DNA, and the company has always had high ambitions for the sustainability area, which I like… Although we have come a long way in many areas, there is still much to be done. Löfbergs has always been a pioneer in sustainability and dared to take the first step – a role we will strengthen henceforth. We are glad to take the lead, and we are happy when we inspire the world around us, but we often reach our goals by collaborating with others. It is about the power of doing things together,” said Ljudén. 

The Karlstad-based coffee group presented a new framework for sustainable business in 2021, outlining three areas where Löfbergs can contribute to sustainable change by 2030: circular conversion, fairer economic growth and a society characterised by inclusion and diversity. 

Löfbergs has long been a proponent of ethical and sustainable coffee with a number of sustainability initiatives undertaken in the last few years. In 2020, it launched the Circular Coffee Community, an initiative inviting consumers and companies to find solutions that contribute to a circular coffee industry with zero waste. Löfbergs also coordinates the Rescued Coffee project, reprocessing coffee that otherwise would be discarded in the production process into a new product range sold at Circle K fuel stations. 

Founded in Sweden in 1906, The Löfbergs Group represents the Löfbergs, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Percol, Green Cup, Kobbs and SuperBonobo brands across 10 markets in Europe and Canada.  

Led by Anders Fredriksson since 2021, the company opened its second roastery in Karlstad in July 2021 and is currently exploring new business opportunities in eastern European markets, following recent success in Baltics. 

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