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Blue Bottle Coffee to serve oatmilk as default across all US stores

Following a successful trial at select stores in California last year, the boutique coffee chain has announced that oatmilk will be served as the default beverage pairing across its US stores

Blue Bottle reported a 28% increase in oatmilk orders in Southern Californian stores in a 2021 trial | Photo credit: Braden Collum


Blue Bottle Coffee will serve oat milk as the default coffee pairing at all 73 of its US stores as part of the boutique café group’s wider efforts to eliminate its carbon impact.  

An initial trial of the initiative at three US stores saw a positive customer response, with oatmilk orders increasing 21% over a three-month period to 68% of all milk-based beverage orders. 

The trial was subsequently scaled to all Southern California Blue Bottle cafés in December 2021, covering more than a third of Blue Bottle Coffee's US locations. Blue Bottle reported a 28% increase in oatmilk orders compared to the previous six months, reaching 64% of milk-based beverages. 

Blue Bottle also reported similar demand in East Coast cafés at the start of 2022, which has prompted the company to make oatmilk the default beverage pairing across all its US stores. 

In September 2021 Blue Bottle announced an ambitious commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2024, implementing measures to reduce emissions from energy use, vehicle movements and dairy as well as cutting waste sent to landfill.  

Founded in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee operates 103 stores across the US, Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Hong Kong.  

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