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Löfbergs reduces its CO2e emissions by 90% in three years

The Swedish coffee group has released a new sustainability report detailing its progress on lowering its climate emissions and is now targeting reductions across its supply chains

Löfbergs has set new targets to tackle climate emissions outside of the company’s own activities | Photo credit: Löfbergs


Löfbergs has achieved a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions over the last three years according to its latest sustainability report.

The Karlstad-based company attributed the reduction to the transition to renewable bioLPG gas in its roasting operations and a SEK 200m ($19m) investment in a new, environmentally certified roastery in Karlstad

“The new roastery is truly a successful climate investment that results in us taking a giant leap in our climate action. That, in combination with finding new smart solutions that reduce our waste, increases the share of plant-based packaging material and other things that are bringing us closer to the goal of becoming circular and generating zero waste,” said Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén, Head of Sustainability, Löfbergs. 

As part of the company’s 2030 sustainability goals, Löfbergs has set new targets to tackle climate emissions outside of the company’s own activities. By the end of the decade, Löfbergs expects to have contributed a 30% reduction in areas such as farming, transportation and consumption. 

Eighty percent of the climate impact of coffee occurs in coffee producing countries, the report adds, with Löfbergs continuing its partnership with non-profit International Coffee Partners help small scale coffee farmers implement sustainable practices. 

“This will require new kinds of cooperation, which we welcome. In the end, it is about us wanting to contribute to a world where people and coffee can grow,” Ljudén added. 

Ljudén also highlighted several other sustainability achievements cited in the report, including 73% of Löfbergs’ packaging material now being plant-based and the company generating SEK 45m ($4.3m) in extra premiums for Fairtrade farmers and cooperatives. 

Founded in Karlstad, Sweden, in 1906, The Löfbergs Group represents the Löfbergs, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Percol and Kobbs brands across 10 markets in Europe and Canada. With an annual turnover of SEK 2bn ($193m) the company is one of the world's largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade-labelled coffee. 

Löfbergs sustainability agenda is also demonstrated in international partnerships. In May 2022, Löfbergs Chair Kathrine Löfberg was appointed the new Chair of the coffee&climate initiative, which seeks to develop a climate-smart future for coffee farmers and the wider coffee industry. 

In October 2022 the Swedish coffee group joined the European Coffee Federation, an industry organisation focused on the long-term sustainability of coffee supply chains. 

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