Brew coffee at home like a pro with Beanz

Getting the right coffee is essential for any aspiring coffee aficionado. Fortunately, the  answer is just a click away with Beanz, says coffee expert and former World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska

Coffee expert and former World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska | Photo credit: World Coffee Championships / Luca Rinaldi

There are over two billion cups of coffee consumed every day, making it the world’s most popular drink. The simple joy and pleasure of that first sip, be it a cappuccino, smooth flat white or intense espresso, has the power to light up your day before it has even started.

And while we all have our preferred style, when you ask a coffee drinker “what are your favourite beans?” the answer is not always so forthcoming. Some drink coffee in their favourite coffee shop but have never asked what coffee they are using, some drink coffee in the office but have never seen what beans go into the machine.

So, what happens when you finally decide to buy a home coffee machine and your coffee doesn’t taste as you think it should?

There are many reasons why it doesn’t meet your expectations. Firstly, the machine needs to have parameters to properly brew your coffee. In simple terms, it needs to have stable temperature, create the right pressure and have ability to use enough coffee (dose). Second – the beans…

There are thousands of different brands, blend, origins, processing methods, roast styles to choose from and they all hold the key to unlocking your specialty coffee experience at home. 

For non-coffee aficionados, the quest to find your perfect coffee bean can be harder than you think.  First and foremost, you definitely want high-quality, fresh coffee beans form a reliable source – and for this, you should look for a local specialty coffee roaster.

Specialty roasters source coffee direct from best plantations in the world – very often they have visited the farms and have personal, long-lasting relationship with the producers. They roast fresh since their production is much smaller than the brands sold in grocery stores, which means speciality coffee roasters can control the quality and ground fresh coffee every week. In fact, most of them roast every day – a vital ingredient to creating café quality coffee at home.

This is why Sage has partnered with the top Specialty Roasters in the UK and created a coffee subscription platform, Beanz.com. Customers start with a quick quiz about flavour and drink preferences before they are taken on a journey of exploration to find their perfect beans.

Our team of coffee experts (myself included) have already selected high quality, affordable coffees for home baristas so all you have to do is sit back explore. Whether you like your coffee fruity or with notes of caramel, the world of specialty coffee is a click away.

Find out more at beanz.com/uk/en.html

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