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Episode 105: The future of tea in the US market – With Rishi Tea & Botanicals

In today’s episode we’re swapping our coffee beans for tea leaves and speaking with Nathan Kosky, Executive Vice President, for Rishi Tea & Botanicals.

Founded in 1997 by Joshua Kaiser, Rishi Tea was a pioneer in bringing premium loose-leaf tea to the North American market. Today, the brand supplies a wide range of high-quality teas, powders and infusions to coffee shops, restaurants and consumers across the US.

In this conversation, Nathan shares the latest tea drinking trends in the US and how consumer preferences have evolved in recent years. He also highlights how hospitality businesses can increase tea sales through storytelling and ceremony to deliver an elevated customer experience

Credits music: ‘Something New’ by Kirstie Kraus in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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Nathan Kosky

Nathan Kosky

Executive Vice President, Rishi Tea

Nathan Kosky began his beverage career working as a Chicagoland barista serving Metropolis Coffee and Rishi Tea in 2008. Kosky has been in the beverage industry ever since, holding several roles at Coca-Cola and Rishi Tea and Botanicals where he is currently Rishi’s Executive Vice President, primarily supporting their Away From Home partnerships.
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