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Bonus: Nurturing relationships at origin - A conversation with La Cabra

Following on from our last episode on the world of green coffee, today we’re releasing the complete interview with John Gibson, Head Roaster at Danish specialty coffee and bakery chain, La Cabra.

In this conversation, John walks us through La Cabra’s approach to sourcing green coffee, how he selects growers to work with and the importance of nurturing those relationships at origin. 

He also unpacks the definition of direct trade, highlighting the need to use green coffee partners to facilitate seamless transportation and logistics and ensure fair prices for farmers.

Credits music: "Rise" by The Elidas in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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John Gibson

John Gibson

Head Roaster, La Cabra

John Gibson is the Head Roaster at La Cabra – a Danish specialty coffee roaster and bakery chain founded in 2012 with outlets in Denmark, New York and Oman. Gibson has worked in the coffee industry for over 10 years and holds Master of Engineering from The University of Edinburgh.
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