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Episode 67: The coffee at-home revolution – Part 1

On the podcast today we're kicking off a two-part series exploring the remarkable growth of the at-home specialty coffee market and the rise of the home barista.

In part one, we focus on at-home coffee equipment and speak with Dave Gubbin, President, Sage Appliances EMEA and John Holmquist, Commercial and Residential Sales Manager, Seattle Coffee Gear to uncover the growing demand for high-end home coffee machines across the UK, Europe and the US.

We also speak with Andrew Pautler, Founder of Instagram community and blog Pull & Pour Coffee to explore the latest coffee equipment trends among home consumers and find out how making quality espresso at home is becoming more and more accessible.

Credits music: "Life in a Box" by Kelsey Edwards in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project and SEB Collective

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David Gubbin

David Gubbin

President, Sage Appliances EMEA

As President of EMEA for Sage Appliances, David Gubbin has spearheaded the growth of the brand in EMEA and its expansion into 19 countries in 9 years. Gubbin has held a range of positions at Sage, notably in a range of Australian and Global marketing roles and as a manager of the product development team.

John Holmquist

John Holmquist

Commercial and Residential Sales Manager, Seattle Coffee Gear

John Holmquist is the commercial and Residential Sales Manager at Seattle Coffee Gear - an e-commerce coffee equipment platform based in the US. Holmquist has been with Seattle Coffee Gear since 2018 and is also the host of the company’s popular YouTube channel proving brew guides and coffee equipment tutorials.

Andrew Pautler

Andrew Pautler

Founder, Pull & Pour Coffee

Andrew Pautler is an at-home coffee aficionado and runs Pull & Pour Coffee, an Instagram account, website and online commiunity dedicated to helping people brew the best coffee. Pull & Pour also has a free, text-to-order coffee club curating the best specialty coffee each week. Paulter lives in St. Louis with his wife and four kids.

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