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Episode 59: Coffee in fine dining

On the podcast today we're stepping into the world of fine dining to explore the role of coffee in high-end restaurants and how restauranteurs are elevating their coffee standards. 

We speak with Søren Ledet, Co-founder and General Manager of Copenhagen's Geranium, to find out how one of the world's finest dining establishments runs its coffee programme and uses storytelling and theatre to deliver a captivating coffee experience.

We also speak with Olivier Fellous, General Manager, La Manufacture - a joint venture between Lavazza and chef Alain Ducasse - to discuss the synergies between the coffee and fine dining worlds, and Myles Shapcott, Commercial Director, Origin Coffee Roasters, to explore the growing opportunities for specialty roasting brands to expand into this lucrative market.

Credits music: Another Lonely Night by TREVAN in collaboration with The Coffee Music Project

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Søren Ledet

Søren Ledet

Co-founder and General Manager, Geranium

Søren Ledet is the Co-founder, General Manager and Wine Director of Geranium – a 3 Michelin starred restaurant founded in Copenhagen in 2007 with his businesses partner and head chef Rasmus Kofoed. An often-lauded restaurant, Geranium was named the best restaurant in the world by The 50 Best awards in 2022.
Myles Shapcott

Myles Shapcott

Commercial Director, Origin Coffee Roasters

Myles Shapcott is the Commercial Director at Origin Coffee Roasters, a UK-based specialty coffee roastery and chain of six boutique cafes founded in 2004. Origin has around 500 wholesale clients and work with leading fine dining establishments such as two stared Restaurant Story in London and Rick Stein’s restaurant group.
Olivier Fellous

Olivier Fellous

General Manager, La Manufacture

Olivier Fellous is the General Manager at La Manufacture, a joint venture between Lavazza and chef Alain Ducasse, and was the head of coffee roles at Ducasse Paris since 2018. La Manufacture services a number of fine dining establishments and high end fashion brands with roasted specialty coffee, equipment, consultancy and training.
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